Funny Conversation Starters

I believe one of the most important qualities that good conversations have is that they’re fun. They pull you in through their joyful and positive aura. If you’re gonna have a fun conversation, you might as well start it in a funny way.

Not all conversations are proper to be initiated using funny conversation starters or any funny conversation starter; this does require calibration. Nevertheless, I find that people in general are much more hesitant to use funny conversation starters than it’s warranted.

The point is not to force yourself to be funny, but to permit yourself to be funny. This applies especially in the beginning of a conversation, when it’s less probable for this to happen.

20 Funny Conversation Starters

To help you kick off conversations in a humorous way, here are 20 funny conversation starters. For this round, I’ll only stick to question-type convo starters:

“How did you find out there is no Santa? You did find out, didn’t you?” (I often ask this; I really wanna know!)

1. “What do you think about laissez faire capitalism?”

2. “Do you know any good conversation starters?”

3. “What do you wanna be when you grow up? (Use it with adults)

4. “Are you a good girl/ nice guy or a bad girl/ bad boy?”

5. “What do you think about raising ostriches?”

6. “Do you have any food with you? I’m hungry!”

7. “Heard any good jokes lately?”

8. “Do you think good girls go to Heaven?”

9. “What do you think you were in a past life?”

10. “What was the last stupid thing you did?”

11. “What do you have a weak spot for?”

12. “What’s your opinion about black nails on men?”

13. “What did you wanna be when you were 5?”

14. “What’s your favorite color?”

15. “What’s the yuckiest food you ever tasted?

16. “What do you do when you’re home alone and the power goes out?” (I love this one!)

17. “If you could, what superhero would you want to be?”

18. “Read any scandalous news lately?”

19. “What’s the best present you’ve ever received?”

20. “Do you think they’ll make another Batman movie?”

In my view, initiating conversations in a funny, relaxed way is one of the most interesting people skills you can master. A conversation started with a laugh is a conversation with a lot of potential. Keep this in mind as encouragement to yourself to employ funny conversation starters.

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