March 28, 2015

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The Best Conversation Starters

There are many conversation starters that work. In fact, I believe you can start a conversation with almost anything. I recently started a conversation by asking a person if they know how to stop hiccups, because for some reason I had begun to hiccup. It all went naturally from there simply because I was curious, talkative and genuine. However, the best conversation starters don’t just work, but they work incredibly well and no matter who the person you wanna talk with is, they will … [Read More...]

Small Talk Conversation Starters

Small talk is a common presence in social settings. Even the very best friendships, partnerships or relationships often start out with simple small talk, which then evolves into deeper conversation and connects individuals emotionally. Small talk conversation starters play an important role here, because they get the dialogue going. Equipped with a good understanding of the art of making small talk and a few good small talk conversation starters, you can converse with anybody. The 3 Traits … [Read More...]

How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

Small but significant improvements such as getting good conversation starters can noticeably enhance your social life. However, it’s important to realize that they’re not in and of themselves a complete solution. Working as a communication coach, one thing that became obvious to me is that most people who could benefit from learning how to start a conversation effectively also have other sticking points in the area of conversation skills they need to address. Once they learn how to … [Read More...]

Using Context to Find Conversation Starters

When you want to find good conversation starters to use, one of the best places to start looking is the very context you’re in. Open your eyes and your mind, and you’ll discover all sorts of ways to start conversations provided by this context, whether it’s a party, a conference or a date. The Power of Contextual Conversation Starters I like to use conversation starters based on the context because I find them smooth and effective. They’re not personal and intrusive as “What do you … [Read More...]

Business Conversation Starters

From my perspective, success in the business world depends as much on your ability to build trust-based relationships with other people as it does on delivering quality results. The Business Conversation Challenge Conversation is a natural tool to connect with people in the business world and build trust. However, it can be tricky to kickoff a conversation with a client, a colleague or any other person in a professional context. The norms that regulate interactions in the business world … [Read More...]

Conversation Starters for Friends You Haven’t Seen In a Long Time

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the subway station, waiting for a train, and you run into an old friend from high school whom you haven’t seen for about 4 years. Unless you’ve recently moved on the other side of the planet, chances are something like this happens to you every once in a while. The Old Friends Paradox I find that many people struggle to start a conversation with an old friend they haven’t seen for a while. They may have been really close once but as the time … [Read More...]

How to Deliver a Conversation Starter with Style

You’ve probably heard it said before that it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Well, when it comes to starting a conversation, it applies more than ever. This doesn’t mean what you say doesn’t matter. However, it is mostly how you say it that communicates your attitude. There is some famous research done by psychologist Albert Mehrabian which points out that our emotions and attitudes are communicated only 7% through words, 38% through the qualities of your voice, and an … [Read More...]